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Resumés, etc.

How to Write Silicon Valley-Worthy Cover Letters

Covers letters are rough. There are arguments that cover letters are unnecessary because hiring managers don’t read them; others swear that cover letters enhance your application. So what do you do? Try to include a cover letter for as many applications as you can. However, your cover letter will hurt…

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Women Who Do

Women Who Do: How a Cup of Coffee Helped This International Programme Manager Achieve Her Dream Job

After spending nearly a decade as a volunteer in the international development sector across Africa and Asia, Lou Talbot Beirne finally got her dream job as International Programme Manager at leading international development and volunteering NGO, VMM International. Lou’s route to her dream role (and first paid role!) wasn’t easy…

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Career Growth

How to Survive A Cut-throat Job Market

A brilliant, competitive friend of mine, doing a surgery internship at one of the best hospitals in the world, recently asked me a heart-breaking question. She spent all of college and medical school studying 12-hour days, getting As in most classes, and taking every opportunity to immerse herself in the…

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